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At Merle Pack, we strive to create a positive environment in which owners can enjoy the training process as opposed to dread it. 


We utilize positive reinforcement in a one on one train-through-play environment, where both dogs and owners are energized and engaged in training. 

It's important to understand that Merle Pack does NOT train dogs.  We train OWNERS how to interact and communicate with their dogs more efficiently. 


With the tools provided by Merle Pack, owners will be able to quickly tackle any of their dog's behavioral problems with confidence.  

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Merle Pack Los Angeles Dog Training was founded with the goal of providing struggling dog owners with the tools and process necessary to correct behavioral problems both quickly and reliably.


Our training method uses positive reinforcement and a train through play mentality to internally motivate your dog, making them WANT to behave correctly as opposed to fearing the repercussions for disobeying.


This mindset serves to strengthen the relationship between you and your best friend.


If you think you have a great relationship with your dog now, just's about to become even better!


Our Services

See If We're a Fit

We chat about what's going on now with you and your dog and your goals for your relationship, moving forward.

Behavioral Training

For some, they idea of trying to work through issues in a class environment, is stressful. We take the stress out of the equation with private training. 

Stop pulling humanely without the use of pronged or choke chain collars. Learn how to enjoy walks again!

For those who have mastered the basics, increase your bond with your dog further through fun stunt work.

Leash Training

Advanced Obedience


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Let's chat about your dog, our positive training techniques & see if we're a good fit.