Puppy Training Course

Why Puppy Training?

Merle Pack's Puppy Training Course as an eight step program designed to establish good habits in your puppy from an early age.  Building a strong foundation as a puppy is imperative in preventing bad habits as an adult and it's never too early to begin your training.    

Puppy Training Course

Socialization & Desensitization

Early socialization & desensitization exercises for puppies are crucial in creating confident and well behaved adults. Puppies will learn to quickly and intelligently deal with new situations and environments, ranging from loud traffic sounds, excited pedestrians, car rides, body handling, vet visits, & more.

Impulse Control

While an overexcited 10lb puppy can be adorable, an overexcited 80lb adult can be a nightmare. Puppies and their owners will learn how to set healthy boundaries from an early age and establish a set routine to mitigate impulsive or problematic behavior.

Polite Play

Teaching your puppy to play politely is a skill that is overlooked by many new dog owners.
Puppies who play politely know what is and isn’t allowed during play, when to stop play, and when to drop something that they shouldn’t be playing with.

House Training

Put away the stain removers and learn how consistency and structure can dramatically reduce accidents while house training. Create a potty training schedule that encourages good habits for both you and your pup.

Seperation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is one of the more prevalent and problematic behaviors encountered by new pet owners. Understand the basics behind creating calm and independent dogs who are content with being left on their own.

Consistent Recall

A consistent recall is the single most beneficial thing that you can teach your dog. It’s the most powerful tool in your arsenal and should be a HUGE focus in any training regime. A consistent recall can help to prevent your dog from running off, getting injured, or even killed.

Basic Commands

Understand how Luring, Capturing, & Shaping can be used to condition a specific response from your puppy. Learn the basis of classic conditioning and teach your dog to Sit, Stay, Down, Out, Heel, and more.

  • Our Puppy Training Course Includes Eight 1-Hour Weekly Sessions

    400 US dollars