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The Merle Pack Method

Creating Confident Canine Companions

Merle Pack’s unique three pillar training system provides anyone, anywhere, with the tools necessary to tackle their dog’s behavioral issues quickly and easily. We emphasize positive reinforcement in a one on one train-through-play environment, where both dogs and owners are energized and engaged in the learning process. 


Unlike many trainers, Merle Pack doesn’t actually trains dogs. We train OWNERS how to interact and communicate with their dogs more effectively.  

Core Philosophies

Nothing In Life Is Free (NILIF)

NILIF training is a non-confrontational way to establish healthy boundaries and provide your dog with the structure they need to succeed. NILIF provides owners with a simple, easy to follow process designed to mitigate dominant or hyperactive behavior without the use of aversive training tools like choke chains, prongs or e-collars.

Say It, Mean It


Consistency Is King


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